By: Kayla Neves Cabral RMT

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We understand that this is such a joyous yet overwhelming time in your life. Are you taking the time to care for yourself and your changing body?

Just like in pregnancy, in postpartum, your body rapidly changes, as you recover from pregnancy and childbirth. You may feel some new aches and pains and the hormonal changes can make you feel various emotions. Overall, you will likely feel both physically and emotionally drained and it’s essential to take some time to take care of you as well!

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage in Postpartum.

1. Relieve Back Pain & Muscle Tension!

Pregnancy and postpartum causes the body to undergo many physical changes. This can lead to lead to muscle tension and discomfort. Many new moms often come in complaining of new-found mid back or lower back pain from nursing or holding their babies. You may be adapting to new postural positions to be able to care for your baby. Sometimes this pain can impact daily activities such as taking care of yourself and your little one. Massage can help with the pain you are experiencing as a new mom by aiding in releasing tight muscles, tension and pain. We want you to feel your best as a new mom!

2. Stress and Emotions

Postpartum can be especially demanding both emotionally and physically. With the huge adjustment to caring for a new baby, the changing hormones as well as other factors from the birth, can all bring on various emotions including sadness, anxiety, anger or frustration. Massage Therapy provides a calming environment to allow you to unwind and can help improve your mood and provide the support you need. It has also been shown to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins which can help you feel calm and relaxed! We understand how overwhelming and exhausting it can be to adapt to life as a new mom, but you need a break sometimes too! Massage is a great, simple way to add some self-care to avoid burning out.

3. Fatigue

Many factors weigh into the causes of postpartum fatigue, from baby’s sleep schedule, hormonal changes, postpartum pain, and breastfeeding, these can all have an impact. Having to wake up multiple times a night and not getting adequate sleep can also impact your health and well-being. Postpartum fatigue can contribute to poor mental health, lack of energy, reduced immune function, and brain fog. Massage Therapy is a great addition to help you recharge in your postpartum recovery by helping reduce pain, improve sleep quality, and promote relaxation.

4. C-Section Scarring

Have you had a C-section birth? You are not alone! It can be expected to feel a loss of mobility or even some loss of sensation near the scar. Some moms also feel a little self-conscious about their scar’s appearance. The guidance around scar healing is limited, most women are told to just allow it to heal on its own and not given more guidelines around what they can be doing to allow it to heal the best way possible. This can lead to scar tissue, adhesions, restriction, and chronic pain. But not to worry, we can help! Massage Therapy can encourage the scar to heal in the most optimal way by using myofascial techniques that stretch the fascial tissues and allow them to align the fibers correctly instead of sporadically. Ultimately, leaving you with a minimal scar and pain-free!

Mircrocurrent Point Stimulation Therapy (Scar Release Therapy) is another treatment offered at The Nest Health that can dramatically improve scaring. This gentle, innovative treatment reduces adhesions & restrictions, reduces pain, reduces the appearance of scarring, and increases mobility. For more information about healing your scar see Dr. Cassandra’s blog about the Top Six Scar Healing Strategies!

5. Breast Soreness

As breast milk comes in and your supply regulates itself, you may also begin to experience some breast soreness or tenderness. Some mamas may also experience a blocked milk duct (milk blockage and inflammation of breast tissue) and in some more severe cases end up with mastitis (inflammation and infection of breast tissue). These issues can be very painful and quite stressful when you’re trying to breastfeed. Gentle Breast Massage can be a great treatment option to help with any blockage, pain and inflammation in the breast.

These issues often point to an underlying latch issues which can be addressed through Breastfeeding Support from a knowledgeable professional. This is crucial to identifying and addressing the root cause to help prevent the recurrence of these issues.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is another treatment offered at The Nest Health that can significantly reduce inflammation and pain in the breast. This gentle therapy uses sound waves and mild heat to help resolve the blocked duct, improve milk flow and reduce inflammation, oftentimes only one or two sessions are needed to feel relief!

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Is Massage Therapy Safe during Postpartum Stages?

Yes! Massage Therapy is a very safe treatment to have in postpartum. You can start your treatments as soon as you feel comfortable after giving birth. Some mamas come in a few days after while others don’t feel ready till a few weeks later. If you had complications during pregnancy or childbirth it would be best to consult with your OB or midwife before booking an appointment.

Our highly skilled Registered Massage Therapists are experienced in working with perinatal patients and will ensure you have a safe and effective treatment.

Can I bring my baby to my appointment?

Ideally, you can leave your little one with someone in your support network so you can focus on fully relaxing and enjoying your massage therapy treatment. However, if you need to bring your baby to the appointment you are certainly welcome to.

Are you ready to feel your best self in your motherhood journey? Don’t let pain stop you from feeling your best! We are here for you!

All of our Registered Massage Therapists are skilled and experienced in Postpartum Care. You are in good hands, book your appointment today.