Our Team

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  – African proverb

The main idea behind the saying is that it takes a whole community, and not just two parents, to raise a child. This type of nurturing by the community has tremendous benefits on a child’s wellbeing and development. It also takes some of the pressure off parents, helping them feel less isolated, less stressed and happier overall. Happy parents lead to happy children.

With community having been an integral part of the human experience for centuries and for good reason, we wouldn’t have survived without it. With so many of us living in nuclear families, this concept of the village has been lost on us in the West. We at The Nest recognize this and have brought together an incredibly passionate and dedicated team of experienced practitioners creating a village of care for you and your little ones.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Daniela Arciero BSc., DC
C0-Founder, Chiropractor

Dr. Daniela Arciero attended New York Chiropractic College and Queen’s University. She decided to change her career path and became a chiropractor after her experience with chiropractic care following an injury while playing rugby at Queen’s.

Her focus on women and children began years before chiropractic school. That seed was planted after spending four months volunteering at the Georgetown Public Hospital in Guyana, South America helping to deliver babies while an undergraduate student at Queen’s. Her practice focuses on prenatal care, postnatal care and recovery as well as chiropractic care for infants and children.

She is thrilled to be bringing multiple services dedicated to motherhood and children to her home community of Vaughan after having done so for several years in Toronto. During both of her pregnancies, she drove all over Vaughan for the services that are now offered at The Nest Health. She vowed then, to bring these services under one roof to make the process easier for women.

Her husband describes her as a conference and seminar junkie, always wanting to up-level her knowledge and skills. She has completed the ICPA post-graduate pediatric program as well as many other courses focused on women’s health, pregnant bellies and pediatrics. Dr. Daniela utilizes multiple techniques including Diversified, Thompson Drop, Activator, Logan and Torque Release Techniques. She is also certified in the Webster technique (for pregnant women).

When not working on her passion project (empowering women at The Nest), she spends her time with her husband & their two young children, Sophia & Michael – always planning their next adventure – skiing, on a beach or digging for dinosaur fossils.

Dr. Kinga Babicki-Farrugia Hon.BSc., ND
C0-Founder, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kinga fundamentally believes that we, as women, we can change the health of the world. She believes we can do this if we understand what it means to be healthy and what a healthy world truly entails. This is why Dr. Kinga has made it her mission to educate, support and inspire women to achieve optimal health. Because when we as women are healthy, we create healthy families, teach healthy values to our children, build healthy societies and in turn affect the health of our future generations.

Dr. Kinga understands that the body has an innate ability to heal and works with her patients to remove any obstacles that may be preventing their body from working optimally. Her priority is to figure out where your imbalance lies by looking up stream and then providing you with the tools you need to achieve better health. She strongly believes that balance is the key to a healthy life and tries to live hers by this motto.

Dr. Kinga’s practice is focused exclusively on women’s health and pediatrics. She has a passion for supporting women through all stages of life. From helping you sort out your hormones in your teens and adult years to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy, from helping you have a smoother & healthier pregnancy, to preparing you for an empowered birth, and better postpartum. She is here to make sure you not only survive but thrive in postpartum as you find your new identity. Her support continue well into the peri-menopause/menopause years where she helps you prepare your body for a smoother transition that empowers you to be your best self.

Dr. Kinga’s has always had a passion for women’s health and has supported countless women along their motherhood journeys, but it wasn’t until her own struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first child when she realized that the standard healthcare model drops the ball on supporting women during this critical time. She realized if she as a practitioner struggled, how can we expect the everyday mother to know what to do or who to turn to for help. Since then her passion to help women thrive during this period of motherhood has become her mission and what propelled her to co-create a healthcare village such as The Nest Health.

She understands the struggle that many women face in making time to take care of themselves, but has learned first hand that this isn’t an option, but a necessity for every mother. You simply cannot take care of someone else, if you don’t take care of yourself!

Over the years she has had the honour of successfully helping countless women achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy, manage various pregnancy-related issues, help countless women not only survive but thrive throughout the postnatal period and help so many women through the menopause transition. As a trained doula, she has also had the privilege of supporting and empowering numerous couples through one of the most difficult yet momentous times in their lives.

When she’s not working to empower women and their little ones, she spends her time with her own little family. She herself is a mom to two sweet, kindhearted and lively boys and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband. Becoming a mother has been a humbling experience for her and has taught her, and continues to teach her, so much about herself and the world she want to leave behind.

She looks forward to meeting you and supporting you throughout your health journey.

Kamy Bhatti, RSW
Registered Social Worker

Kamy Bhatti is a Registered Social Working in Ontario and British Columbia with over 17 years of clinical experience in healthcare and community settings.  Her experience includes facilitating group-based therapy and working with individuals that have various mental health diagnoses such as personality disorders, bipolar, anxiety and depression, etc. Additionally, she has worked at the Women’s Mental Health Clinic alongside psychiatrists focusing on perinatal and postpartum depression providing one-on-one therapy. Over the years, Kamy has worked within diverse demographic therapeutic settings.

Kamy is committed to ongoing training and has recently completed the Perinatal Mental Health Certification and evidence-based therapeutic approaches and is passionate about working with mothers.  She uses an array of therapies to meet the individual’s best needs such as CBT, DBT, mindfulness, Narrative Exposure Therapy, solution-focused, emotion regulation, and crisis intervention.

Kamy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful space. She uses a culturally sensitive lens and is an ally with the LGBTQS2+ community. With creativity, flexibility, and intention she creates an approach that works best for her client. Kamy is also to provide counseling services in Punjabi.

In her personal life, Kamy is a wife and a mom to a very active toddler and loves spending time with her family and friends. Kamy is an avid traveler and enjoys experiencing different cultures and foods. She enjoys yoga, going hiking, spinning, cycling, and spending time with her fur babies.

Aparna Brahma MSc. PT
Pelvic Health & Orthopedic Physiotherapist

Aparna Brahma has a combined 15 years of international education and clinical experience in physiotherapy. She is a Registered Pelvic Health physiotherapist through College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and a certified acupuncture provider. She is a dedicated member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and member of the Orthopedics and Women’s Health divisions through the CPA.

Aparna completed her initial degree in Physiotherapy from India in 2004. In order to have an enhanced understanding of age related changes on the musculo-skeletal system of human body, she flew across the Atlantic to pursue post graduate education at the University of Western Ontario in 2005 in London, ON. Her research involved studying age related changes with exercise in residents of Long Term Care Facilities. After graduating with a MSc PT in 2007, Aparna entered the Canadian private health care system with a focus in Orthopedics.

In the last 2 years Aparna has channeled her focus in the very specific stream of Women’s health. Her interest stemmed from the pelvic health care she received after her first baby. She remains a strong advocate of healthcare for moms globally. Her passion lies in working with mom-to-be, new mom and forever mom. Aparna believes that health benefits start with awareness of your own body no matter when the starting point is. She remains up-to-date on the current science surrounding pre- and post-natal care and would like to work towards optimal recovery for all mothers.

When Aparna is not working with moms, she spends her time being a mom herself, to two wonderful and hilarious kids. She is amazed at how much you can learn from these tiny humans and enjoys every bit of it each day. Her roles as a Pelvic Health physiotherapist and that of a mother both emphasize “Healthy Mom is a Happy Mom”.

Dr. Cassandra Ceccarelli, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Cassandra was introduced to naturopathic medicine at a young age, while tagging along with her mother to all her appointments. As she got older and began her own journey with naturopathic medicine, she recognized just how much of a positive impact naturopathic medicine had on her life and overall well being. Dr. Cassandra’s goal has since been to help her patients, as her Naturopathic Doctor helped her. She is committed to providing her patients with individualized and comprehensive health care through the integration of conventional science and naturopathic medicines, as well as collaborating with multi-disciplinary practitioners.


Dr. Cassandra completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, majoring in Human Biology and a double minor in Physiology and History. She went on to complete an additional 4 years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to obtain her Doctor of Naturopathy degree. She has completed additional training in cosmetic acupuncture, therapeutic cupping, fertility treatment, prescribing and therapeutics, intravenous vitamin therapy, and her yoga teacher training. She incorporates various therapies into her practice including clinical nutrition, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, botanical medicine, and physical medicine.

Dr. Cassandra is an ND that is passionate about supporting women along their health journey. She has a special interest in digestive health, skin conditions/concerns, women’s health/hormonal imbalances, thyroid health, stress management, weight management, mental health, fertility. pregnancy and postpartum.⁣ She likes to take a patient entered approach to care by taking the time to get to know her patients in all aspects of their lives in order to collaboratively create a treatment plan that is best suited for each patient.
When she’s not working you’ll likely find Dr. Cassandra in a yoga or pilates class. She loves spending time with her family and friends, being outside, bike riding, ice skating, and traveling.


She looks forward to meeting you and helping you along your healthcare journey!

Denise Chiriboga
Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Denise, a woman who knows what it means to be active and healthy, and have fun doing it! From an early age, Denise has always had a passion for movement and dance, having practiced ballet, tap, and jazz since she was three years old. Today, she is an avid gym-goer and loves strength training to keep her mind and body at peak performance.

Denise’s passion for fitness led her to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, and a Financial Planning Diploma from Seneca College. After spending a decade in the financial industry, Denise decided to follow her dreams and become a personal trainer specializing in women’s fitness for pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause.

As a mother of two, Denise knows all too well the challenges that moms face when trying to stay active while dealing with postpartum recovery, C-Section, diastasis recti, prolapse and urinary incontinence. Because of her own personal struggles, Denise has made it her mission to help other moms bridge the gap between postpartum recovery and getting back to exercise safely and effectively.

Denise believes in the power of resistance training for women in all stages of life to build strong muscles and bones, alleviate aches and pains, fight against illness, and even boost one’s mood.

When she’s not working, you can find Denise enjoying the great outdoors while hiking or biking with her family. Denise is an inspiration to women of all ages who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and overcome any obstacle in their way.

Aileen Dunbar
Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Aileen is a certified pediatric sleep specialist, a teacher with 15 years of experience, and a proud mother of two little ones who inspired her to become a sleep coach.

She works with families to create realistic expectations for their child’s sleep at the same time as changing things that no longer work for them in a way that is supportive of the attachment relationship.

Some examples of challenges she can support families with are:

  • night weaning,
  • going from bedsharing to a separate sleep space,
  • examining why a child is waking hourly, and
  • bedtime battles, among others!

A key component of her approach is to identify underlying issues that can impact sleep (ex. iron deficiency, undiagnosed tongue tie, etc.).  This is one of the reasons she is so excited to work at “The Nest Health” as we also believe in looking at a parent and child’s health in a holistic manner, similar to how her approach looks at a child’s sleep as being impacted by a variety of factors.  Using this approach, she provides guidance and resources needed to understand the root cause of any sleep issues and co-creates a sleep plan along with families always keeping the attachment relationship at the forefront.

Aileen does not use any form of sleep training (meaning no separation-based techniques or anything that asks parents to go against their instincts!) but will guide parents through how to make changes while supporting their child’s emotions.

Aileen is very empathetic, and she knows what it is like to feel overwhelmed by societal pressures put on new parents when it comes to sleep so one of her top goals is to empower parents that they know their child best and to relieve any stress they have about sleep so they can focus on being the best parent they can be.  She looks forward to meeting with you and supporting you on your parenting journey!


Daliborka Kapor

Registered Massage Therapist,

Dali is a Registered Massage Therapist with a passion for supporting women along the motherhood journey. Dali has been in the health and wellness industry over 25 years, registered as a physiotherapist (in Serbia). She provides prenatal, postnatal and regular therapeutic massage.


Whether with a gentler technique or a deeper massage, Dali can help reduce swelling and edema, aches and pains as well as improve your birth outcomes. She uses various techniques including deep-tissue massage with firm strokes pressing deep into muscles as well as Swedish massage with long strokes to muscles and attention to joint mobility.

She looks forward to meeting you and supporting you along health journey.

Marcy McGaw

Registered Social Worker

Marcy is a licensed social worker with 25 years of experience working with women and families. Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of healthcare settings and has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of human well-being. She specializes in supporting women throughout pregnancy and into parenting. She’s also worked extensively with women with substance use, mental health, and trauma histories.

Her approach is rooted in a firm commitment to trauma-informed, compassionate, client-centered care. She works hard to create a safe and supportive environment where healing can flourish. Guided by this principle, she’s witnessed the strength of women and families as they navigate their unique paths to recovery and well-being.
She’s seen how this personalized care can truly make a difference in fostering growth and resilience.

She has extensive training in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), and EFT (emotionally focussed therapy). These evidence-based approaches empower individuals to navigate their emotions and develop crucial skills for emotional regulation and well-being.

Marcy provides compassionate care and support to her clients and their families and recognizes the profound impact that healthy relationships have on emotional well-being. She fosters an environment where individuals and families can thrive, heal, and build lasting connections.

Marcy lives in Toronto, is happily married, and has 2 sons. She’s passionate about travel, and staying physically and mentally healthy and engages in activities like Pilates, running, and hiking. Marcy also enjoys walking her grand pup Bella.

She looks forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your healthcare journey.

Tahira Mohammed
Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

Tahira is dedicated to encouraging and empowering women and their partners through the life-transforming stages of becoming a parent. Her desire is to help parents have a positive birth experience and optimal beginning for their baby, and to shift into their new roles with as much ease and joy as possible.

Tahira takes a holistic approach, and draws on 25 years of study and experience in mindful practice, meditation, ayurveda, breathing and yoga, and whole food nutrition. She is committed to continual learning for the sake of growth and well-being, sharing, and prevention of unnecessary dis-ease.

All other female mammals birth in relative ease, as do women in many other cultures. It’s Tahira’s intention to help women reconnect with their innate birthing wisdom.

Achchana Nadarajah
Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse (in progress)

Nursing is my passion and I have been dedicated to providing consistently high standards of holistic and culturally competent care for over five years. As a Registered Practical Nurse and a Registered Nurse, I bring a wealth of experience in the fields of maternity, pediatric, and perioperative care to my role as a Postpartum Nurse at Cortelluci Vaughan Hospital. Here, I am charged with caring and supporting moms and babies during their postpartum transition through breastfeeding, and feeding support as well as postpartum and newborn health teaching.

I attribute my passion for caring for pregnant and postpartum women and their babies to my deep appreciation for human connection. I take immense joy in supporting, coaching, guiding, and educating my patients during this vulnerable and precious time. Watching parents and families bond with their little one is truly rewarding and most surely inspiring to continue cultivating my professional excellence in nursing.

I hold an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Western University, an Honors Nursing Diploma from Durham College, and have completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from Ontario Tech University.

When I am not taking care of patients, I love to get creative with cooking, crafting, and creating my own essential oils. Hiking is also a great way for me to unwind and reconnect with nature. I’m also a self-professed café enthusiast, constantly seeking out new spots to enjoy a warm cup of chai with family and friends. On top of this, travelling and volunteering in medical missions has been an integral part of my life since I was a high school student.

Lisa Novembre
Front Desk Administrator/Yoga Instructor

Lisa has a love of supporting and empowering women. which makes her fit right in at The Nest Health. She is the first smiling face you will see when you enter the clinic and will be there to help you navigate your care.

In addition to rocking the front desk, Lisa also is a certified yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience as a student and teacher! She is a dedicated and advanced practitioner of a traditional method. Over the years Lisa has shared her passion of yoga to hundreds of students. She is skilled in the Mysore method, which is a one-to-one instruction and hands on adjustments in a group setting.

She has teaches a variety of classes including ashtanga, vinyasa, meditation, pre-natal, post-natal, partner & children’s yoga . Her students describe her as a nurturing spirit that brings with her a calm and centered energy.

Lisa is passionate about health and wellness and lives her life using a holistic approach.

Elisa Ruffolo
Certified First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor/Examiner

Elisa received both an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree, in Kinesiology and Health Science, from York University.  While completing her formal studies, she also completed a Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

Elisa has vast work experience in fitness, health, dance and education. She has worked as a Kinesiologist in a physical rehabilitation setting and also designed and led exercise programs for cardiac rehabilitation patients.  Elisa holds First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor/Examiner certificates through the Lifesaving Society.

In 2002, Elisa, along with her husband Anthony, founded First Breath, a company that provides quality first aid, CPR/AED, water safety and emergency response training to individuals and businesses throughout Southern Ontario.  She focuses on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help prepare them for an emergency. With her uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can feel confident in their abilities to help someone in need.

Jenny Sunny MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Jenny is a Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist in good standing with OCSWSSW.  Her work with clients often feels like a journey together. She takes a proactive approach to foster self-compassion, acceptance, resilience and growth in each of her clients with their own innate sense of wellbeing.

Deciding to reach for support is a sign of personal strength and Jenny has a deep respect for you to have the courage to seek help.  Her approach is integrative and scope of practice includes a range of therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Psychodynamic.  She is keep to refine a practice which is anti-oppressive, sex positive and rooted in hard reduction lens of work.  She provides both individual & couples therapy and has extensive experience supporting women along the motherhood journey.

Jenny’s aim is to support you in unpacking whatever is weighing you down. Together, you will unearth persistent behavior patterns that may be holding you back from a significant transformation.
In addition to being a therapist, Jenny is also a certified Animal Rekhi Practitioner, wilderness explorer and world traveler.  She is also a paw lover and mother of two beatiful adopted puppers.
Jenny looks forward to meeting you and working with you to heal your mind, body and soul!

Nikole Vali

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Nikole spent her childhood in Zimbabwe and then moved to the UK when she was 21.  Her journey to becoming a doula began after visiting Canada for the birth of her second nephew.  Nikole did not expect to be present at the birth and to her surprise, her brother and sister-in-law invited her into the birthing room. Nikole was there from the beginning to the end and from that day the experience made her realize that doula work was her true calling.  Soon after Nikole moved to Canada and began her journey.

Nikole is formally trained as a Birth & Postpartum Doula with Doula Training Canada.   She deepened her doula practice as a volunteer birth doula in Tanzania, Africa in 2019.  Her compassion & empathy towards clients comes from a deep respect of the incredibly strong & empowering women she has worked with.

Nikole fundamentally believes that every woman has the right to a healthy, supportive, and positive birth experience no matter what the circumstances.  She is committed to helping birthing women and couples feel empowered and supported throughout their journey.  She looks forward to meeting you!