Our Story

“Who we are is how we lead” – Brene Brown

Daniela and Kinga, Co-Owners of The Nest Health

Hello! We are thrilled to meet you.

We are Daniela and Kinga, co-founders and co-owners of The Nest Health.

We are on a mission to change the way women are being supported.

We first met in 2017, as colleagues in a multi-disciplined clinic serving women in Toronto and quickly became friends.  It wasn’t long before we realized that we shared a passion for serving women in our respective fields and a vision of creating a space where women were empowered and supported, both as patients and the professional that would make up the team.

Each of us,  through our own experiences of pregnancy and postpartum and the struggles that came along with it, recognized that not enough is being done to support women throughout this incredibly important time in their lives.   We all want better outcomes for women not only throughout the prenatal period, labour and birth but through the entire experience of motherhood.  With us both having had children early in our careers, our dreams were delayed, however, that delay provided an opportunity to build on our knowledge and skills over more than a decade, to meet and ultimately support one another in this exciting new venture.

With having gone through two pregnancies each ourselves and needing to run around from place to place to obtain various services, we realized that though services were available, they weren’t made easily accessible to women, and this is the case in most cities.  This is also the case for women struggling with fertility challenges and even more so for women that are postpartum, when many struggle to find support and community.  Motherhood has changed and many of us have lost our villages of support.   Vaughan needed a place like The Nest Health.  Our clinic, being dedicated to supporting women and their children throughout the various stages of motherhood: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatrics, made complete sense for a city like Vaughan.

We offer multiple services to make it easier for women and their children to achieve better health, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Also, once you are postpartum, you are always postpartum so we care for women well beyond their childbearing years.  This is what makes us unique – there is no clinic in Vaughan that provides all these services, workshops and classes under one roof, specifically to women and their children.  We have not only built a clinic to support optimal health here, but a village of care and community where families can really thrive!