Registered Massage Therapy in Vaughan

Massage therapy…no explanation needed. In all seriousness, it should be on the must do list for EVERYONE.  We cannot say enough about the benefits of this manual therapy that has been helping humans for thousands of years.  Massage therapy is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body, calm the mind, relieve tension and pain, reduce stress, increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage…the list goes on.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting but often stressful and can be an uncomfrotable time in a woman’s life.  The body is constantly changing and the demands put on it are significant making this the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.  Massage therapy is great at relieving the various aches and pains of pregnancy, improve circulation, reduce edema/swelling, relieve headaches, reduce stress/anxiety and even improve sleep.  Tailored specifically to each patient, massage therapy can improve overall prenatal health and should be an integral part of every pregnant woman’s prenatal care.

Postnatal Massage

Creating and birthing a new life is a miraclculous thing but it also puts a lot of strain on a woman’s body.  Postnatal massage can help the body recover smoother and relieve the various issues that arise postpartum.

Most new mamas tend not to take care of themselves the way they should.  It can be really hard to take care of yourself when you are focused on your new little baby but as much as you need to care for this little person,  you will recover better and be the mama you want to be if you make a little time for yourself.  You will most likely be putting your body in awkward positions in order to keep your little one settled or to nurse.  There will be lots of bending over and lifting which can put a toll on your back especially as your little one grows.  All the more reason to include regular postnatal massage into your routine.  It can help relieve stress, anxiety, increase ciruculation, reduce swelling, reduce tension and pain and promote a general sense of well-being.

Take a little time for yourself, you’re worth it mama!

Infant Massage

Even our tiny human patients love massage therapy! Babies usually find touch to be relaxing and calming.  Infant massage can help ease your baby’s digestive issues (colic, constipation, gas), reduce crying and fussiness, boost muscle development and help them sleep better.  Massage can also help babies realx and release emotional stress

Childhood Massage

The benefits of massage are not confined to a specific age group and have been shown to improve overall health at every stage of life.  There are a number of ways children and adolescents benefit from massage. some of which include:

  • reduce muscle tension, prevent injury and improve sports performance
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve digestion and relieve consitpation
  • promote positive body image and self esteem