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Your birth experience matters! HypnoBirthing® the Mongan method is the prenatal birth class for parents wishing to have a positive and and instinctive birth.

If you’re planning and hoping for a natural birth you need to prepare yourself with the right tools. This is one you don’t want to labour without!

Join Tahira of Mamacare for this one of a kind prenatal birth class. She will teach you techniques that have been shown to:

*Promote deep relaxation
*Release fear and tension
*Reduce average length of labour
*Reduce or eliminate the need for medications and interventions
*Leave you feeling confident in making informed choices

This virtual, live, five part HypnoBirthing® prenatal birth class series will leave you well prepared for a positive and instinctive birth…all from the comfort of your home!

Class Dates:


  • Nov 5th, 2022
  • Nov 12th, 2022
  • Nov 19th, 2022
  • Nov 26th, 2022
  • Dec 3rd, 2022


2:30 – 5pm

$365 (includes all material)

(Until Oct 22nd)

Click HERE to register.