The Mamas Coach Prenatal Class


The Mama Coach prenatal class will help you feel confident with the labour and birthing process.  This class was designed by Carrie Bruno, a Labour and Delivery Nurse with many years of experience.  By increasing your knowledge, it can decrease unnecessary complications and allow you to advocate for yourself. Carrie designed these prenatal class around teaching those expecting the essentials while also aiming to provide support for Mama’s to be until their baby is born.

This class is compact but jammed with the essentials and is perfect for the busy family. This 4 hour class I will cover it all! From the home stretch of your pregnancy, to labour and delivery, partner roles, pain management, breastfeeding newborn care and what to expect once you get home!

This class is recommend for those 32-34 weeks pregnant, but mamas at any stage are welcome to register!

Support continues even after the class ends, as the MamaCoach is available to you via email with any questions you may have until the birth of your sweet baby! .

It Takes a Village! This prenatal class allows you to start by building your support network before your baby arrives.  Building relationships can help make the adjustment into parenthood enjoyable and less stressful.

And yes, mamas to be, Jillian Harris took this class!

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